Mustafa Younis, * Open Modal
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Open Medicine Journal 31 Dec 2014 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874220301401010077

I am very pleased to introduce this Special Issue on Healthcare Policy, Financing & Economics. This Special Issue of the Open Pharmo-Economic Journal consists of five papers that address topics from different perspectives which should be of interest to healthcare policy makers, academic researchers and practitioners.

The symposium for this Special Issue was posted and advertised on a national scale. All of the papers for the symposium were subjected to blind, peer review and the authors revised the manuscripts in accordance with the Guest Editor’s and reviewers’ comments.

This special issue has articles from various countries such as India, Brazil, Canada & USA. We hope this Special Issue will be both interesting and provocative, and that the articles will provoke further research, case studies and demonstrations in the field of healthcare policy.

I gratefully acknowledge valuable guidance and feedback provided by William Ward, University of South Florida Department of Health Policy and Management; Hongtu Chen, Harvard University; Sue Levkoff , University of South Carolina; President Adnan Kisa, Zirve University, Turkey; Hassan Younies, the New York Institute of Technology- Abu-Dhabi and Ali Alobaidli, the National Rhab Center Abu Dhabi.

The completion of this Special Issue would not have been possible without the many hours contributed by all of the anonymous reviewers who dedicated their time and expertise to helping make this Special Issue a reality.