A Review on the Recent Flavoring Herbal Medicines of Today

Rashmi S. Pal1, *
, Yogendra Pal1
, Nikita Saraswat1
, Pranay Wal1

1 Department of Pharmacy, Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

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Herbs are the most trending taste enhancers, carrying multiple benefits. Sprinkling them in minute amounts in pasta, salads, sautéed vegetables, curries, fried rice or adding them in dips and sauces can lead to enhanced flavours. The fresh and dried versions serve the same purpose, especially when the fresh ones are not available.


The objective of this article is to explore and review trending flavouring herbs of the present era with reference to the knowledge available from previous texts.

Materials and Methods:

A literature review has been performed on various herbs such as dill, cilantro, parsley, chives, mint, oregano, etc, which can be used as healthy and taste enhancing sprinklers and garnishers for foods.


There are various herbs present in nature in many forms and patterns, some provide anti-inflammatory benefits, are anti-microbial and most of them are digestive in nature.


These herbs are very rich in phytoconstituents, having multiple properties like anti-oxidant and carminative effects. They are superior as compared to artificial additives as well.

Keywords: Flavour, Herbs, Foods, Phytoconstituents, Carminative, Health.