Publishing in the Surgical Arena; Why, How and Where?

Open Medicine Journal 27 December 2016 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874220301603010346


Publication of peer-reviewed articles in journals remains the preferred means of communicating surgical and scientific advancements. Learning to publish is an important skill to gain for surgeons preparing for evidence based practice. Publications may also be used as evidence of academic pursuit and achievement during selection for surgical training posts. Bar a few courses, formal training in publishing is limited for surgeons outwith intercalated undergraduate and higher research degrees. This review explains the rational for publishing, as well as offering practical advice on various types of articles, selecting destination journal and maximising the visibility of published articles. We aim to guide surgeons through the process of publication. This review is aimed at a pan-subspecialty audience. However, examples relating to plastic surgery have been used to reflect the authors’ collective experience.

Keywords: Article Writing, Publishing, Surgical Journals, Writing.
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